Los Picos News (English)

Good morning to you all!I am in the town and I have a bit of internet connection, so I give you some news about my trip…

Until now, is going all very well, we are spending a beautiful experience between the mountains and the vulcans of the Andes, and we are faster of our base plan.
We climbed Aconcagua, Tupungato, Mercedario, Bonete, Incauashi, Pissis, Walter Penck(Cazadero),Tres Cruces Sur and Central in one day, El Muerto and L’Ojo del Salado.
All particolar mountains and all higher than 6500 meters.
We are walking and climbing with a very light style, few bivacs and longs single push, so it is essential for us to use light and compfortable gear.
Now, we are organizing the last 2 mountains of our first part of the project…we are in the North of Argentina and after we will move toward Boliva.
We are checking the conditions of the mountains in Perù, where we plan to attempt Huascaran and the dangerous Yepuraja, the last part of our project. Expecially for the second one, is very important to find the best condition of the wall to ascent it.
Is a difficult choice…:
Now it’s snowing a lot in Cordillera Blanca, and it is probably better try to go there in the best season (july/august). In that months, I usually work as mountain guide in Chamonix and in the Dolomites.
Me and my brother don’t want to lose the high season and so we are deciding if attempt it in june or september.
Maybe we will not find the best conditions, but for sure better than April or May…
But now is better to think and to stay focused on the next 2 Mountains, to finish the first part of our “cross of the Andes”.
Enjoy your spring and the ski touring season!
Bye! Tomas


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