Travel across the unspoiled nature of Chinese Himalaya

Tomas on the top on the of Little Edgar, nominated from him, Faletti M. and Dellai F.

Once again Mother Nature gave me a great gift. She gave me the opportunity to find a completely unexplored valley, even the local people of the area have no clue of how it is.

I feel really lucky for this opportunity since on our planet there are really few places that human people haven’t reached yet.

Along with my travelling companion Pietro Picco, from Aosta Valley, we will be the pioneers of this valley that, if we manage to travel through, will lead us at the foot of the east-face of Lamo-She, a mountain of 6070 meters, a virgin wall that has not been climbed yet.


We decided to cross the valley in complete independence. Our Chinese staff, led by now my friend Jiyue Zhang, will take us till the last village and then will come to pick us up when we get back.

We will explore the valley and will create our path across woods and moraines by using machete and saw, in order to make a path that allows us to get as close as possible to the wall that we want to climb.


Once we have created the path, we will transport on our shoulders all the climbing equipment as well as the food necessary to feed us for a month. It will be essential to find a comfortable place where we can rest, spending relaxing moments and organize the expedition.

Regarding the energy, we will only count on solar energy that we will use in order to charge the few technological devices that will take with us.

Wild life in China


Usually in the traditional expeditions, it is comfortable and lovely to have at the base camp a local staff who support and help you in the organization and preparation of food. The base camp should be kind of home that welcome climbers, moreover the contact and cultural exchange with local people is always interesting.

In my previous expeditions, I have always been supported by this kind of staff, but this time I decided that I wanna try to be completely independent. I will only count on the help of my climbing partner. We will be alone, lost in the unspoiled nature at the base of an unclimbed wall of 1500 meters…I’m really curious to see how it will be.


Regardless of how it turns out this expedition, I’m sure I’m going to live a really intensive and unique experience. Since the beginning, I realised the complexity of the logistics that have me hard time, so the adventure has already begun.


I would like to thank all the people that have been helping me in the preparation of this adventure, all the people who support me and believe in me.

I want to mention all the sponsors that support us and gave us material, surely without them I could gave never dreamed and organised this expedition.


Thanks to: La Sportiva, Blue Ice, MT Sport and Trading, Bliz, Primus Equipment, Ferrino, Rohener, Level, Beal, Spireat e Sempreverdebiogermogli,Katadyn, Power Traveller, Casimiro, Campo Base Travel and all our friends.


Thanks for your attention! We will update you as soon as we get back!



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